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I was hired as a medical assistant for their most difficult doctor.She is demanding, and that's fine, but beyond that, she is insufferably rude and verbally abusive.

Of course I was told nothing but wonderful things about her during my interview, but from my very first day there, she and the person who was *supposed* to be training me, had nothing but animosity toward me and the insults were beyond absurd. While I highly don't recommend working there, I equally do not recommend becoming a patient. What I witnessed regarding patient care was absolutely horrible. They view their patients as dollar signs and nothing more.

If a patient complains about anything, the issue is not addressed...they simply refuse to treat that patient again.They have a very high employee and patient turnover rate.

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I worked there for over a year.I loved my job and most of the people I worked with.

I strived everyday to be better and work harder. Last year a pervious employee showed and printed me an email from another employee calling me fat and lazy. Now instead of dealing with that office harassment, the executive adminstrated had me written up. I was not one of her chosen ones.

After that my old office manger tried to fight on my behalf and defend me. She ended up leaving because of this person. So my time there was pure ***. I was always walking on eggshells, nothing I did was right.

I could do one thing and be pulled into the office and talked to about it and someone else could do the exact same thing and nothing be done. The managent team and admin are nothing but low class snobs. They think they are better than everyone else and that they know it all.

They are snakes, liers and just plan mean.I feel sorry for these women who use and abuse people and hopefully one day karma will bit them in the ***.


my cousin told me that dr thomas used to always want to give him a testicle exam every time he went to see him.he had to go all the time cause he neede blood work and every time thomas wanted to check his nuts.

he then asked for another doctor and when he met him the new doc sounded ***.so he then asked for a femal doctor.


my cousin told me that dr thomas used to always want to give him a testicle exam every time he went to see him.he had to go all the time cause he neede blood work and every time thomas wanted to check his nuts.

he then asked for another doctor and when he met him the new doc sounded ***.so he then asked for a femal doctor.


I worked out of the white marsh office and can honestly say it was a bad experience.The managers were less than professional and discussed very personal things in the lunch room that would turn your stomach.

Never mind that the director and her assistant constantly speak ill of their bosses (the doctors) and bash other employees.It's no wonder this place has a high turn over, they cannot even properly manage themselves let alone their employees!

Bondurant, Iowa, United States #237292

#The Worse you can ever encounterReport thisby Ms.L - 08/26/2010 I have been going to this office for over 3 to 4 years.

I was going to leave because of how awful most of the staff and all of the doctors are except one physician\'s assistant. One of the owner\'s of this practice is prejudice. He is degrading when he talks to you, he threw my medical file at me, he told me he was not going to submit a report that was required of him from the department of Labor. This is not the first run in I have had with him.

He had called me to give me test results before and was very rude, degrading, sharp and just down right nasty. He feels as though because he owns this practice he can do whatever he wants. I filed a complaint on him about a year ago with the medical practice manager and yeah you see that had no bearings because he owns the practice. Well today is the last straw.

I am calling an attorney and a couple of other agencies. He should not get away with treating me unfairly because I am a minority. Also the things he has said out of his mouth is really going to get him in trouble. I WOULD STRONGLY RECOMMEND NO ONE EVER go to this office and guess what, You cannot treat people like that because there are medical boards, lawyers, and the NAACP to make sure that you don\'t.

oooooHHHH If i could just write on here the things he said to me and to throw something at me, I left his office, I hurried up and left, I was soooooo angry, but I...

Sign In to comment on this review# Needs alot of adjustmentsReport thisby marie0201 - 05/21/2010 My experience at this location was less then pleasant, in fact it was down right awful and unprofessional. It is very apparent that all of the staff there are just there \'FOR THE MONEY\", they have no compassion or concern for the actual patient. Upon entering I found that the front desk personel where very RUDE and unprofessional, they could have cared less if the patient was in urgent need or not they were just demanding there payments! The waiting time was way too long.

Once in the back with the Doctors,again I had to wait a long time to been seen. When the Doctor finally arrived in my room he was in such ahurry that he didn\'t even pay attention to half of what I was telling him, he was erogant and had no BEDSIDE manner at all. This practice really needs a reality check, because I felt very unwelcome there. In my opinion, ALL THEY CARE ABOUT IS THE MONEY!!!!

Sign In to comment on this review# UnprofessionalReport thisby jw2152 - 07/27/2009 The doctor adjusted my medication and told me to call him in several weeks to see how I was doing. My wife went to the billing office to pay a bill. One woman who was not even waiting on my wife stared anarguement woth her. My wife paid the bill and left.

I called and talked to the office manage who was rude and wouldn\'t even listen to me. She told me I didn\'t know anything about dealing wirth people. She told me that my wife and I were not welcome there any longer. I called my doctor to talk about my medication.

The office manager called me and told me the doctor would not talk to me. I had been a customed there for over 30 years. Sign In to comment on this review# Could be better, a lot betterReport thisby clearasmud - 12/20/2008 My experience at the Medical Health Group of White Marsh (MHG) has been mediocre at best. There are issues with privacy.

You can sit in any Drs office for hours, but at the MHG of White Marsh what you hear may make the time go by a little faster. The front desk ladies chew gum and shamelessly sing aloud to the radio in the background while you wait.

No big deal right, but the same volume can be a problem when you hear them shamelessly discussing patient\'s intimate business.Everything from name, address, and phone number, to very private health issues can be heard from across the waiting area

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Bondurant, Iowa, United States #237278


EEOC Said Employer Fired Woman Battling Breast Cancer When She Attempted to Return to Work

BALTIMORE -- A White Marsh, Md., medical practice will pay for $125,000 and furnish significant remedial relief to settle a disability discrimination lawsuit filed by the U.S. Equal Employ­ment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), the agency announced today. The EEOC had charged that Medical Health Group, Inc., refused to return an employee to work who had recovered from breast cancer surgery.

According to the EEOC’s suit (Civil Action No. 1:09-cv-00803-WDQ), filed in U.S District Court for the District of Maryland, Medical Health Group violated the Americans With Disabil­ities Act (ADA) when it discriminated against Barbara Metzger by firing her when she had attempted to return to work after recovering from serious surgical complications. Metzger had been employed as a referral clerk for the practice for nearly 25 years; the practice was acquired by Medical Health Group in 2002. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in January 2007.

About one week before her approved medical leave ended, Metzger was called into work on May 31, 2007. She told her employer the she intended to work without interruption while undergoing her remaining chemotherapy sessions and radiation therapy for her cancer. The practice administrator then cited examples of people she knew whose cancer...

The ADA prohibits employers from making employment decisions based on assumptions and misinformation about a person’s medical condition. The EEOC filed suit after first attempting to reach a voluntary settlement.

“A woman who is bravely battling breast cancer has enough of a challenge without having to lose her job because of unlawful discrimination,” said EEOC Acting Chairman Stuart J. Ishimaru. “The EEOC will stand up for the victims of this sort of bias.”

The settle­ment, which represents almost the complete monetary recovery allowed under the ADA, also requires Medical Health Group to provide two hours of training on employer ADA com­pliance to its practice administrator one hour of such training to all of its officers, supervisors and managers. The employer will modify its anti-discrimination policies, distribute the new policy to all employees and managerial staff, and post a notice confirming its commitment to comply with the ADA.Additionally, Medical Health Group resolved a Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) claim brought by attorney Kathleen Cahill on Metzger’s behalf.

EEOC Acting Regional Attorney Debra M. Lawrence said, “We are pleased that Medical Health Group has agreed to expeditiously resolve the case by entering into this consent decree and by providing very substantial monetary relief to Mrs. Metzger – and agreeing to other terms that will help protect employees from disability discrimination.”

EEOC Senior Trial Attorney Maria Morocco added, “This case should remind employers of their legal responsibility to women working with breast cancer. Employment decisions cannot be made based on fears and stereotypes about a person’s medical condition.”

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